Cash use is falling, but some of us rely on it more than others. There’s no obligation on any person or organisation to give out or accept cash (except to receive payment for a debt). Declining cash use is one of several pressures on the cash system which involves the many organisations and individuals who move, store, and use cash. The cash system includes the Reserve Bank – Te Pūtea Matua which wants to ensure its own vaulting and cash operations are best suited to the future.

The Reserve Bank is encouraging Cash Conversations – He Kōrero Moni about the future of cash in New Zealand. This section provides information and ways so that you can kōrero moni with us and others concerned for the futures of cash use and the cash system, and their impact on New Zealanders.

You can find out more about Future of Cash – Te Moni Anamata at

You are welcome to make a submission on the future of cash in New Zealand Sign Language. To make a submission in NZSL, you can email a file or link to The deadline for submissions is Monday